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Motivation is powerful, it makes our life better and better. Through this website I am trying to give more and more positive information and day to day valuable knowledge for everyone. In this website you will find information through entertainment also. Me also a history lover. I always happy to discuss the origin of human, our first civilization, science and technology as well as present world political situation. In this website I am trying to give you vast field of information as much as I can do. When you study the past, one thing you should notice that we are always progressing, our past generation did mistake in history which help us not to do such mistake at present. And this is happening in every situation. This is the way how human society is progressing.

Again I love motivational stories also, which always gives me energy to do something new in my life. We live in such a world which have 7.7 billion people, but some time we feel so lonely that there is no one to care us, there is no one help us and to listen us. And at that moment we always need some motivation or some energy to bring our life next better than the past. One thing you must remember, every successful person in history has a dirty period in his life. So never regret to your bad situation. In this website I am also adding life cycle of popular history creator in this world. I hope this website will help you in your next level of life.

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Through Edu Hub Free you will find world history, art and literature, motivation for youth, health tips, diet, English grammar and composition, traveling, entertainment news etc.

My name is Ankur Jyoti Konwar, I am from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I am working alone in this website. You can give feedback to me through my contact form. If you find any error in my literature or if any post give irritation to you then your advice is acceptable. Your valuable advices are always welcome.