How to gain Weight

Nothing is permanent. Everything changes with time. Our believe also changes with our age and time. when we grow up, our body gain energy from our diet. To make a healthy body we must take healthy food, which gives us energy and valuable nutrients. One thing you should remember your body will feel good or bad depending on what you have taken in your diet. So always take healthy food. Carbohydrate gives calories or energy, protein helps to build and repair our tissues, vitamins and minerals required in very small amount but they make our body resistant to diseases and make proper and clear growth.

Carbohydrate: it gives 70 percent our daily health energy to our body. The best available source of carbohydrates are bread, rice, potatoes, beans, corn etc. they are good source of energy. But one thing you should remember, carbohydrate should not only in your diet dish. Without protein your body can’t grow properly.
Protein: Our muscle, our hair, our body hormones all are various form of protein. Protein helps to repair our damage body tissues. When you do physical work hard your body muscle feel pains, then after diet protein helps to recreate new muscle with more stronger and stronger. That is the reason you should do physical work or do more gym after taking protein shake or protein powder.
Vitamins and minerals: Only carbohydrate or protein is not sufficient to make a healthy body. You must also take vitamins and minerals which will make your body stronger from any disease. Without proper vitamins and minerals, every time you will feel pain and weak in your body. Proper consumption of fruits and green vegetables on daily basis gives you sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. For extra vitamins you may take multivitamins, but some multivitamins are fake and more costly, it will be better to take advice from a doctor in that case.
Happiness: One thing you should rememberno matter how much you take good foods and nutrients, without happiness and feel free mind you can not make a healthy life. Happiness is everything. You may do gym or physical work you, but make your mind always happy and others also.

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