How to create a perfect diet plan

            If you are young now, do you ever think about your future, about your old age, definitely not? Because at young age we don’t feel too much pain in our body after so much hard work or energy lose. But as your age grow up and up, you will lose you strength from both physically and mentally. Hence try to make your health strong enough so that when you are in old age, you don’t require to take any medicine. To do this happen with your body, you must have to follow a proper diet plan from your young age. 
            In your first stage, you should know which nutrients in how much amounts it requires to make a healthy diet plan. You should also know the sources of food from which you can achieve the goal. We need average 2000 calories per day for a proper diet. Try to earn these amounts of calories from non-artificial sources that is if possible avoid supplement or other nutrients which are available in market, but try to gain from green vegetables and theirs leaves, fruits, eggs, fish, meats, milk, nuts and beans etc. (for a proper diet ingredients you can read this)

Morning Diet Plan:
Always try to get up at morning 5:30 to 6:00 am. Now take your bath, it will help you to refresh your mind whole day and make ready your breakfast. Morning breakfast need some light meal but it should be fat free. You may take one glass of any fruit juice in milk or a banana shake, with 2 to 3 pieces of bread and a dish full of fruits. This type of diet will help you to gain vitamins and minerals and some amounts of carbohydrates in your body for the day.

Ready for your Job:
After taking your breakfast do some of your important works, but never waste more than 1 hour and then make a plan for the day. Your planning will make your day full of investment. Then get ready for your Job with full of fresh mind and excitement.

Lunch at Office:
During Lunch you can take any healthy food, it may be bread, rice or burger or any kind of recipes. But one thing you should remember never take too much food during your lunch, otherwise your body will be tired and you will not be able to do your Office work after the Lunch. This way you can do 2 to 3 hours of continuous work after the lunch.

Take a break:
At afternoon take some rest and at that moment you can take some coffee or soft meal which will give you energy or power, and you it will help you not to feel hungry on the evening.
At evening:
At evening you can do some exercise or if possible try to join a gym for 1 hour work. Then take bath after your exercise. You can do your hobby at this time, Listen your favourite songs, or watch a movie or read book will make your mind happy. Remember one thing this is the perfect time to learn something new on a day. Because learning is a never completing process. If you stop learning your life will be painful. Take dinner at time from 10 to 11 pm, and go to your bed as soon as possible. Because for a healthy life style minimum 6 to 7 hour of sleeping per day is very important.

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